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I had two demon’s or witches attached to me. I have had a Catholic Priest try to remove through Latin prayers but it just made my attacks more severe. I have seen one coming after me twice, it looks like a human but with really long arms and shorter legs the color is brown and black with a little bit of what looked like dog hair but it looked like matted thin human hair. When I called for Jesus to help me it ran of my bed and ran out of my bedroom and then vanished. One attacks my head and body which it really hurts do to it’s nails digging in me. The other demon tries to get to my private body part constantly. Right now there is one in the bed around my legs, and one above my head trying to cover me with it’s grayish black wings. In 24th December 2023, I contacted this exorcist and helped me to cast out the demons. Many thanks to him!

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