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How to fight demonic spirits through Exorcism?

When we say that it is energy that drives everything on this earth, we mean positive energy. It is the fundamental thing that is responsible for our life. Our thoughts and actions are driven by that. However, when we talk about positive energy, we should not forget that there is always negative energy also, which exists and puts an equal and opposite influence on us. You call it an evil spirit, ghost, or demonic spirit; it is something that pulls our mind away from all good, positive, and noble things.

There are two kinds of people. Some people do not get affected by this negative energy. Or, even if they get affected, their positive energy force nullifies the effect and takes them to the right path. In some people, however, this positive energy is not strong enough to overcome the influence of demonic spirits. Such people go under the influence of this demonic spirit and become negative.


Why do some people get affected by demonic spirits?

There are two aspects of it. First, some people already have a lot of negativities in their mind, body, and soul. Therefore, they have a natural tendency to attract demonic forces. Some people do not have negativity, but they do not have the strength to combat it. Hence, they get influenced by the negative force and become negative.


How to get rid of demonic spirits?

Once a person gets affected by the demonic forces, his or her life changes throughout. The person is always in the shadow of some unknown fear. His mind is always occupied by negative thoughts. Depression and frustration prevail. The person avoids others and gets confined to himself.

Sometimes, the impact of evil forces can be seen at the physical level. Unexplained illness, sudden eruption of health issues, minor and major accidents, and entangled relationships are some signs of it.


How is it possible to get rid of it?

The answer is simple, by bosting the positivity. The solution to negativity always lies in positivity. First, it is essential to establish the fact that the person is affected by a demonic spirit. The key is to carry out prayers on the part of the exorcist and see the reactions of the potentially possessed person. If there is a reaction, then it certainly proves that there is some negative force.

There are various general attitudes of a person affected by a demonic spirit towards the exorcism priest. He shows anger and dismay. Even sometimes, he is ready to fight. Frightening facial expressions, threatening or abusing gestures, and words are also quite common.

Sometimes, the affected person utters bad things about God, holy symbols, or religious books. One should consider the fact that these acts are being done under the effect of evil spirits. They do not depict the intentions of the person.


Demonic spirit or mental illness?

Sometimes, disbelievers of demonic spirits reject the claims and try to justify them as mental illness. However, there is a difference between the two. In the case of a mental illness, the response of the person to an exorcist priest is not violent. However, since the line of demarcation is so thin, that objective analysis is required.

When you have an expert exorcist, he or she can immediately sense the presence of some evil force. Since the existence of demonic possession is not as common as psychological problems, sometimes people are unfamiliar and unaware of spiritual issues.

It is important that people should understand and accept the presence of demonic spirits and the problems caused by them. Once the acceptance is there, the solution will come automatically.  We are the team of exorcism priests who are operating out of United States including all the major cities like New York City, Los Angeles, California, Chicago, Philadelphia, Houston, Dallas, Washington DC, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Columbus and more. We are available 24×7 through our hotline number. We do online consultation as well.


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